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Tips to Get Along with Your Flatmates

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Tips to Get Along with Your Flatmates So, like many others in Liverpool, you’ve decided to share a flat with others. Whether you are a professional or a student, sharing a house or flat with others whom you don’t know can be a challenge, but it can also be amazing. In Liverpool, you’re

Advantages of Using a Letting Agency

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Advantages of Using a Letting Agency Why use a letting agency, you may ask. Well, there are many advantages for landlords and tenants alike to use a letting agency. After all, they both want, basically, the same thing – a good landlord or tenant, hassle-free maintenance of the property and a way of

Happy Global Scouse Day

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Happy Global Scouse Day! One of the many happenings in Liverpool throughout the year is Global Scouse Day. Every year on February 28th there is a celebration of “all things Liverpool”, celebrated around the meat or veggie stew called Scouse. It has turned into a week-long event so if you missed it this

Investing in Liverpool is Your Best Bet

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Investing in Liverpool is Your Best Bet If you’re looking to invest in property to let, Liverpool is where you should be looking. New research has found that Liverpool is the UK’s number one hotspot for buying to let, with rental yields at 8% with mortgage costs taken into account. The costs of

Flat-Sharing Impact on the Housing Market is Great for Investors

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Flat-Sharing Impact on the Housing Market is Great for Investors Are you thinking about purchasing a home to let? Have you considered converting the property into a house of multiple occupants (HMO)? HMO’s are not just for students any longer. Research is showing that many people are renting with flatmates to help bring

Is Kensington now saturated with HMOs?

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Four years ago a group of people living in Kensington formed the Kensington Residents Association. They are all long-time residents of Kensington and are fed up with what has happened to their neighbourhood. You won’t find a name or a picture of anyone in the group. They are all too frightened to go public. The

Korean Billy finally makes it to Liverpool!

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Have you ever visited Liverpool and had trouble understanding what the residents are saying? The dialect and accent of people from Liverpool is called Scouse and can be difficult to understand. It’s not just the accent that can be difficult – the words they use are very different and unique. This is not a phenomenon

Latest news on Liverpool’s major developments

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Liverpool is growing and this growth is changing the face of the skyline. Construction is underway on many projects, including skyscrapers, apartment towers and hotels. When a city wants to build in the centre, there is nowhere to go but up and that’s exactly what’s happening in Liverpool. Towering cranes can be seen throughout Liverpool,